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The HeSheng enterprise was founded in 2002, integrating science and technology, research and development, production, sales, installation in one of the professional audio equipment company, in the spirit of "pioneering and enterprising,

Realistic and innovative "spirit of enterprise, always implement the" sales and service integration "business policy. The company has a young, high quality talent team,

Revealing the HeSheng enterprise the 21st century industry a new image.

The enterprises development HeSheng TARTE (titanium characteristic), CHA - audio (sound ") is the HeSheng enterprise for over ten years set

Well-known brand, its products are widely used in medium and high-grade entertainment and large, medium and small performance situation, two major brands of sound with its superior performance, and elegant

Appearance and according to the acoustics principle design, show its unique sound charm, won the praise of professional audio industry.

The HeSheng enterprise is "China entertainment technology association" member unit, its two major brands of sound with its strong vitality with the different HeSheng in the Chinese market

Army, yea, for Chinas audio industry bring shock power, the enterprise is willing with industry colleagues common development, create brilliant!

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